Gypsy Janine Face Painting

I am often asked why Gypsy Janine? As a mature face painter I never saw myself as the usual fairy face painter (although I can do fairy godmother when invited to a fairy party) and as I travel to your homes to spread the joy and magic that face painting brings I decided that I was more of a gypsy than anything else. Of course I don’t only face paint, I can balloon twist and apply glitter tattoos as well! Depending on what you are after and the number of guests I can create an experience that suits you.

How did you get started in your business?

In 2006 after having a daughter, I decided to go back to what I enjoy doing and started Face painting. Unlike today, when I started, there were no You Tubes to show you how. Luckily after about 6 months practicing on all my friends children I found a face painter who taught classes and went on from there.

Complete the sentence. I like what I do because...

I love my job! What other job gives you smiles and thank you’s and compliments like face painting? That is one of the things I like best about it, you feel appreciated! Not to mention being able to play with rainbow colours and glitters, and create beautiful or scary faces. I do prefer to work close to home in the West Melbourne suburbs though.

What is the most challenging aspect you face running your business?

Parents often don’t understand why we can’t paint 50 children in an hour. I like to break it down for them this way - at 10 to 15 faces an hour that is only taking between 4 and 6 min a face. All of that time is not taken painting either, the child still has to get in the chair, tell you what they want, sit still to get painted (and some can’t!), look in the mirror and then get off the chair. Some designs naturally take more time than others and if there are a lot of faces to be painted we stick to the simpler choices to get more faces done.

What is required to succeed in your business?

One thing I recommend to any face painter is never stop learning. Classes, conventions, Facebook groups, You Tubes - all inspire you to try different techniques / effects that you can bring to a party to make every face special. I have been to every face painting Melbourne convention held and to some interstate classes, as well as spending hours each week on different face painting groups researching ideas.

What do your customers value most?

As well as my Art, my customers value that I am reliable and never leave them in the lurch - I think that is very important no matter what business you have. The children just love how they feel once they have been transformed into their character of choice, and I love watching their face when they see themselves in the mirror for the first time. Some keep coming back again and again to look.

What’s the best feedback you’ve ever received?

People are often amazed when I arrive with my own face painted and ask if I did it myself, but it is really not that hard once you are used to it, just another type of makeup!

Which community events have you been recently involved in?

For the last few years I have face painted at the MS Fun Run at Albert Park where adults happily line up with the children.

What did you do before you started Gypsy Janine?

From a young age I have been fascinated with make-up, completing a TV and Theatre course in my 20's and working on weekends as a bridal makeup artist. Life took a different turn then with marriage and mortgages, and I worked in an office for many years.

What do you do to wind down?

When I am not face painting, being a mum, cleaning house, paying bills or washing clothes, I like to curl up with a good fantasy book and a cup of tea.

What is your worst habit?

If I come to your party please don’t be offended if I forget your name, I have a terrible habit of forgetting names, I even get my hubby and daughters’ names mixed up at times!

What do kids value most about your products/services?

But it is not only for children! I tell guests that I paint kids of all ages from 1 to 99! It is so much fun when I get to paint an adult - they sit still! I have done several adult parties - hen’s nights / fancy dress / ultra violet etc.

Why should customers choose Gypsy Janine?

Why book with me? I could say I have almost 10 years experience, the usual insurance and police checks, I only use safe, water based face paints and use a clean sponge for each child, which is all true but mainly because I do a great job, and won’t cancel at the last minute.

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