Gifts Not to Buy for Your Child

5 Presents Parents Don't Want You to Buy for Their Child

Purchasing gifts for another person’s child is tough. You won’t always know what fad the kid is currently into which will result in you wandering the isles of department stores looking for something that catches your eye. Something you hope you they will like.

Unfortunately this can easily end in disaster and major headaches for the parents of the child, which is fine if you don’t really want to see them again. If however, you care about the parents and their sanity, do NOT give these gifts to their child!

The gifts that keep on giving..... not in a good way!

Brands know their ideal customer and they market it so you buy it. They are beyond clever and while you may look at the packaging of the toy or the idea and think it is amazing, these ones are not. Do not be fooled into thinking otherwise!

Gelli Baff

Oh look how much fun those kids are having! Your kids will think it is amazing as well. Upon the child opening this ‘gift’, the parents will have a few thoughts go through their head.

1) What did I do to make you hate me?
2) What about this Gelli Baff says I am going to love cleaning up all this slime?
3) I cannot wait until you have kids, revenge is going to be sweet!

Want to know why I am saying do not buy this for someone else’s child? Yes the kids certainly love it and they enjoy playing in it however while it claims to be easy to clean up, let me just say, I am so thankful we used it outside! The kids were covered in it from head to toe and required a full soap and shampoo shower to remove it off them. We then had to clean up the inflatable pool they were playing in (to keep it contained); we followed the instructions written on the packaging and sprinkled the antidote in the mix to dissolve it. It worked to an extent but left the lawn slimy and slippery. Yes the kids will love it but the parents will not.

Make Up

We have all seen the sweet little girls make up sets and have been tempted to buy them. Just don’t.

Not all parents want their child wearing makeup while they are little, subjected to gender bias toys, and the others simply don’t want the potential mess that comes along with it. While little girls will want to imitate their mothers, they will also do it when mum or dad is not around and this can lead to lipstick and nail polish on the carpets. While these little girls won’t intentionally get it on everything, it will happen. Let their parents decide when they are old enough.

Instruments of any kind

Whether you are planning on buying a drum kit, a trumpet or a cheap recorder, think again. Back away from these items and never consider them again. They are loud, result in migraines and did I mention loud? Anyone who thinks giving someone else’s child a recorder as a present should do so knowing that if the friendship survives, karma will get you!

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As much to the excitement and joy of the child, it will be the parent who has to be responsible for the animal. Regardless what species it is; dog, cat, bird or even a fish, unless you have permission prior to purchasing the pet – put the puppy back!

You are essentially giving the parents another baby to raise, another baby to train, feed and clean up after. You cannot thrust that surprise upon already busy parents. If they want a pet, they will buy a pet themselves.

Digital Devices

Technology is everywhere these days and even though all the kids may have a phone or tablet device, this does not mean that it is your right to provide someone else’s child with one. There are a lot of factors to consider and the result should be based solely on the wishes of the parents. They may not want their children exposed to the internet or the digital world at a young age and this is ultimately their decision to make!

These are just the basic do not buy gifts for someone else’s child, there are a lot more! But if you avoid these five at minimum, the parents will be thankful. If you are in doubt about what gift to give a kid, ask their parents what their interests are or if there is something in particular they want.

What is the worst present your child has received from someone else?

Kell Kelly


Kell Kelly

Kell Kelly is a mum, a wife to her childhood sweetheart and a writer. She shares her home in the picturesque Hunter Valley wine region with her husband and 4 children. When she isn’t working at home, folding laundry or chasing the kids to put on their shoes; she enjoys discovering her surroundings, taking in the great outdoors and spending some much needed time with her husband. Prior to...

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