Affordable Bedtime Essentials for Babies

We all want the best for our children and their bedtime essentials are no different. We see all the time the adorable, boutique and incredibly expensive items that are targeted at parents who want nothing but the best.

If you are in search of the high budget items, this is not the article for you. I want to share with you some bedtime essentials that are affordable.

Bedtime essentials that are affordable

It isn’t uncommon to see the essential items for nappy bags or what you should look for in a pram, a car seat, etc. but how often do you see a list of bedtime items? Here are some that are not only essential but also affordable.

Bassinet / Cot

Regardless whether you plan on having your baby sleep in a bassinet to start or go straight to the cot, reality is that you will need somewhere for your baby to sleep. That is of course unless you plan on co-sleeping

Truth be told, you don’t actually have to spend a fortune on your babies cot. You can purchase some at quite an affordable rate from many department stores. Or if you have your heart set on a particular style, check out the stores when they have their sale or search Gumtree and Ebay. I purchased my daughters’ cot on Ebay and it was a bargain at only $120, turns out it had never been used! 

Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are essential. They stay tucked which helps parents with peace of mind, they make it so much easier to make the bed or cot and they can be purchased for less $10!

TIP: As your child outgrows their cot, do not throw away the fitted sheets because this is the size they will use at childcare for their naps.

Sleeping Bags

As your little one grows and starts rolling over it will not be safe for them to be swaddled anymore. This is where sleeping bags come in handy. Again with the peace of mind, you will know that your baby is warm and comfortable without the worry they will have squirmed themselves under the blanket.

Yes, there are a lot of costly brands however there are also a lot that sit around the $20-$25 mark.

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Night Light

A night light is not just for your bub, it is extremely helpful for parents when they go to check on their baby in the middle of the night or need to change a nappy. Having a night light allows enough light that you can see what you need to without having to turn on the main bedroom light and risk waking your baby up. Let’s face it, no one wants that!


Knowing how many layers your baby needs can be tough for new parents, this is where having a room thermometer helps. Something like the Gro-egg will show you how warm or cool the room is so you can adjust the room temperature and your babies clothing as needed.

These types of room thermometers often double as a soft glow night light as well.

Lullabies – the soothing sounds of lullabies will often relax your bub and encourage them to sleep. There are a number of options for lullabies and each one has its benefits.

Think along the lines of: cot mobile, baby monitor with built-in songs, cuddly toys that play lullabies for a set duration of time. There are a lot of different alternatives but these are the most common and most affordable.

Comfort Item

Babies and toddlers want to feel safe and secure. Many will love a teddy, some will prefer a soft little blanket, while others will prefer a dummy. Each of these items can be purchased cheaply.

* Please keep in mind though that babies should not be left with unnecessary items in the bed with them for safety reasons. If they do want something to snuggle, remove it once they are asleep.

These are the basic bedtime essentials you and your baby will need. I hope this has helped to show you that not everything has be expensive, you can have all the required items and more for a fraction of the ‘boutique’ price tag.

Kell Kelly


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Kell Kelly

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