Teething Tips for Babies

Teething. This is when the real fun begins for parents. Not to mention your poor baby.

While not every child suffers a great amount of discomfort when they teeth, others need relief from their pain. When my boys were cutting teeth, they didn’t complain or even give an inkling that they were hurting. By the time I had realised they were teething, they had two little chompers! My girls however, ouch! They had rashes on their cheeks, they were pulling at their ears and they had sore swollen gums.

Signs and Symptoms of Teething

Sometimes the signs of teething can be confused with the flu or just thinking your little one is tired and grizzly. But here are some of the signs that your little one is teething:

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Pain Relieving Remedies for Teething Babies

As a mum myself, I understand how helpless you feel when you can’t take your baby’s pain away. Which is why I know how important it is to share pain relieving remedies that have worked for us. These are some of the things that helped my daughters and other parents I know when their children needed teething relief.

There is only so much you can do to relieve your child’s teething pain but if you keep the above mentioned signs and remedies in mind, you will be able to, at minimum, ease their pain temporarily.

Do you have a go-to teething remedy? Share it below!

Kell Kelly


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Kell Kelly

Kell Kelly is a mum, a wife to her childhood sweetheart and a writer. She shares her home in the picturesque Hunter Valley wine region with her husband and 4 children. When she isn’t working at home, folding laundry or chasing the kids to put on their shoes; she enjoys discovering her surroundings, taking in the great outdoors and spending some much needed time with her husband. Prior to...

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