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Welcome to Toonworld!

We Empower Children through Creativity! Our incursions will have your kids GO DRAWING MAD! through fun and interactive workshops, that improve their literacy & bolster their Confidence and Creativity.


Toonworld invites you and your kids to come on a journey filled with creativity and challenges where you will meet fun characters and we will design our own wonderful heroes while defending the lands against the Evil Rubbix and his rampaging stickmen army!

There are No Erasers because there are no mistakes in drawing, Erasers are the Enemy! We give kids the power to believe their pencil is the “Sword of Destiny” and can defeat the enemy who is willing to rub out all their creations.

Toonworld’s workshops are offered nationwide in schools, vacation care centers, shopping centers and children’s festivals around the world.

We invite your students to join us in discovering the exciting world of Stop Motion Animation and experience the magic of film production. Toonworld’s workshops are offered nationwide in schools, vacation care centers, shopping centers and children’s festivals around the world.

Toonworld Animation Workshops are great for building skills in literacy, numeracy, learning teamwork and an effective way of introducing STEM into the curriculum. Generally schools book into our animation programs to fulfill the storytelling or animation unit in the curriculum or just for a reward to hardworking students.

Michelangelo’s David wasn’t built in a day but with Toonworld’s new “hands-on” model making workshop Creaturetoons!children can create a Dinosaur or even Mythical Creatures in no time!

Creaturetoons will have the children captivated for hours, long after we have gone and then have an opportunity to marvel at their work in their bedrooms.
The children start with pre-constructed wire armatures which are in the basic forms of dinosaurs, and mythical dragons. Students will be adding both the under-structure (foil and tape) of the character and a clay skin to bring their creations to life!

Once the clay skin is dry enough, marker or pens will be used to decorate and color the creature. Other craft materials may be added to enhance authenticity and then we take photos in a background or even in the garden to place them in their habitat.

• Understanding of anatomy.
• Learn about the properties of a wider range of media.
• Students gain a deeper understanding of the concept of motion in relation to the physical world.
• Development of team building skills.
• Appeal equally to boys and girls alike.
• Students learn the value of developing and taking ownership of their own ideas with specific roles and responsibilities.

At Toonworld, we believe that there is waaaaay too much sugar and processed food in the diets of most Australian kids these days, and the rate of childhood obesity is alarming. To address this and extend our support to living a healthy lifestyle, we have created a brand new kids incursion that will highlight the dangers of junk food through a brand new world! IT’S CALLED FOODTOONS!

Meet the Foodtoons and the Sugar Queen! Watch this video to find out more about the civilians of Foodtown and how we're fighting back against Junk Food & Sugar with the powers of Nutrition & Creativity!

The intention of our workshops is to deliver an awesome experience that enhances children’s determination, self-motivation and belief in themselves as well as to promote teamwork and leadership through different roles and responsibilities.

The sessions are split into appropriate age groups, catering to different attention spans. Our Workshops comprise a variety of exercises and activities where children learn Storytelling, Cartooning, and Animation as a powerful tool to enhance their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and creativity.

As a result of participating in our programs, children are left with a sense of accomplishment. By encouraging them to think “outside the box”, children expand their creativity and get to discover what it is to have their ideas become reality. Throughout our workshops children find themselves expressing more confidently in front of their peers.

What’s Included:
• Toonworld host/s are artists and entertainer, experienced in teaching kids with all relevant credentials
• All workshops materials are included


• Toonworld parties are fun, creative and exciting
• Passionate performers that are great at engaging kids of all ages
• Put away the Ipad! Your children will continue drawing long after we have gone
• No setup. Every child gets a free drawing activity book and other cool Toonworld stuff
• So simple it's child's PLAY

What’s Included:
• A Toonworld party host is an artist and entertainer, experienced in teaching kids
• Every child gets a 28-page drawing activity book packed with awesome cartooning games and challenges
• Birthday child gets a birthday pack
• Invitations included (email PDF) when you book!
• Simple caricatures of kids
• All drawing materials provided

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