My Top Parenting Hacks

Parenting is not always an easy job. Like everything, it has perks and challenges. But when you find a hack or trick that makes a certain task or just your day in general better. Easier. You want to share it with everyone so they too can benefit.

While some hacks definitely work better for certain families and not as well for others, they are worth trying! They could be just the parenting hack you needed.

Parenting hacks… for beginners through to experienced mums and dads

One thing I have realised in my ten years of motherhood is that what might work one day, doesn’t necessarily work the next. This applies to subsequent children as well, what was a raging success with our eldest (those moments that left my husband and I high fiving ourselves) were so far from a victory with our second and third child.

So while I cannot guarantee all of these parenting hacks will work for you, they will at bare minimum give you some ideas to try.

Laundry basket bath

When infants and toddlers are first sitting in the bath and trying to concentrate on playing with toys, splashing in the water and not slide away they can struggle. Try placing a laundry basket in the tub and sitting them in this. It will contain all their toys within arms reach.


Establish a routine for your child/ren. I’m not talking about just nap times and meal times. Some kids function best when they have a predictable and constant flow of events. That is not to say you can’t be spontaneous, it simply means particular children will thrive knowing they will play until morning tea and then they will read books, help mum tidy, or whatever the next task may be.

For school aged kids this routine could be go to school, come home, unpack school bags and have a snack before starting homework. Once they have completed that perhaps they might then have a chore to do before dinner, relax, shower, reading and sleep. Your routine will depend on your family and lifestyle.

Which shoe?

We all know toddlers struggle to put their shoes on the right feet. So get a sticker and cut it in half vertically. Stick it on the inside of each shoe so it creates the full picture when they are placed together. This will help little ones to know at a glance which foot each shoe needs to go on.

Get the kids to help

The age old question… should kids do chores. You might think a toddler is too young to help however it can be great for them to learn how to do ‘big kid’ jobs and more than that they will be able to do stuff with you. Even if it is just cleaning or putting a load of washing on.

But this is a win for parents as well because not only are you teaching your child a life skill, eventually it means that they will be able to tidy up after themselves. It may not be today and you may have a few more years of finding pieces of banana and sultanas hidden around the place but the day will come where they will be capable of lightening the housework load.

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Icy pole cupcake

This is a favourite in the warmer months when icy poles are essential. No one wants their child to be covered in sticky ice block that has melted over their hands and will inevitably be rubbed along the walls.

Avoid this by getting a cupcake liner and pushing it up over the paddle pop stick. It will keep the ice block from dripping everywhere when it starts to melt over little hands.   

Have ‘it’s fine’ days

We always put so much pressure on ourselves to make sure we are teaching our kids to be the best they can be. And we put a lot of effort into ensuring they read enough, play outdoors enough and of course limit time spent on digital devices.

But you know what? Some days it is okay to just say ‘bugger it’. Some days parents need to be able to just let go and relax. Give the kids a day where they can just binge watch movies, play board games, iPads, gaming systems, etc. It not only allows them a little bit of freedom but it gives you a chance to breathe and just take some time for you.

Clip nails

Some babies and toddlers are bothered more than others when the time comes to have their nails clipped. They will fidget and squirm but it doesn’t have to be hard. Wait until they are in a deep sleep and then do it!

Extra clothes

This is one is essential when you have little ones. Most parents will always pack an extra set of clothes for bub just in case they have an accident or food spillage. But what they forget about is a set for themselves.

There have been a few times throughout my time parenting where I have needed that extra shirt and unfortunately I didn’t have it. There were a couple of occasions when I was breastfeeding and milk leaked everywhere, it was horrible. Another time when my daughters’ nappy malfunctioned and she urinated all down the side of me and of course when they rub their dirty food covered hands over you after you have gone out for lunch. Oooops!

Parenting comes with its fair share of challenges but with the help of other clever mums, dads and carers sharing their parenting hacks, you can make little changes that will have a big impact.

Do you have a favourite parenting hack? Share it below!

Kell Kelly


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Kell Kelly

Kell Kelly is a mum, a wife to her childhood sweetheart and a writer. She shares her home in the picturesque Hunter Valley wine region with her husband and 4 children. When she isn’t working at home, folding laundry or chasing the kids to put on their shoes; she enjoys discovering her surroundings, taking in the great outdoors and spending some much needed time with her husband. Prior to...

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