5 Ways You Can Bond with Your Baby

Ways to Bond with Your Baby

That maternal bond you hear new parents gushing about doesn’t always happen. That instant admiration and wave of love and connection, not every mother bonds with their baby immediately.

For some it takes days, weeks and sometimes even months before that strong bond is formed. This isn’t because the parents aren’t nurturing or love their baby less than that doting mother at playgroup, often it is because new parents don’t know how they can bond with their child. Think about it, a baby can’t talk, run around or even stay awake more than a few hours at a time and for first time parents not knowing what to do can come as a shock.

Bonding activities don’t have to be elaborate

You can bond with your baby the moment they are born. For many mothers it is as easy as looking at their amazing baby while they sleep but for others it takes a bit more time. If you are struggling with ways you can bond with your baby, try these ideas.


This isn’t about breast being better than formula because it isn’t always possible for women to breastfeed. It is simply that a strong bond is often formed through breastfeeding. Knowing that your body is supplying your baby with everything it needs to survive is such an amazing feeling and that emotion is often amplified as you watch them feed. If you want to learn more about the benefits breastfeeding has for both you and your baby, click here.

This isn’t to say that bottle feeding doesn’t offer the opportunity for bonding with your baby because it certainly does. It is great for dads as well because the breastfeeding option isn’t available to them. Feeding time is one of the most special and memorable moments because it allows you to just watch their little mouths suckle away, their little hands hold on tight and their tiny eyes close with satisfaction.

Sniff your baby and soak up their smell

It sounds strange for those who are yet to experience their first child but the smell of newborn is something else. One sniff and you are hooked! Speaking from experience of having my own children, that newborn smell triggers hormones that emit love, wonder and so much pride. That precious little bundle is yours and you made it. That is pretty damn amazing!

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Sing songs & read books

Your baby wants to hear your voice. Over the previous nine months it has grown to love and be soothed by the way you speak and how you sing. Don’t stop because you think your newborn can’t understand you, it is the soft tones and variations in pitch that they enjoy. Sing lullabies or read books to them and watch as they marvel over your beauty.

Touch & cuddle

Show them love by picking them up and giving them cuddles. Hold their tiny little fingers and watch them blow little spit bubbles. From personal experience, I have found that by snuggling them it gives them a sense of security and this not only grows your bond with your baby, it will also encourage them to sleep better.

Fun games

Your baby is never too young to play fun games with. Pulling funny faces and changing your facial expressions will wow their tiny little minds and eventually they will attempt to replicate your actions. This also applies to games like peek-a-boo and as they grow and their co-ordination and fine motor skills improve they will laugh and play back.

Another fun game we have played over the years while our kids were babies is ‘what my baby thinks is a nipple’. If nothing else, you will get a laugh because they latch onto check bones, noses and sometimes even ears. Obviously you will have to come through with the real goods shortly after but it makes light of the hard work a baby brings to the home.

Bonding doesn’t have to technical. More often than not it is the little things like watching them sleep or stroking their back that makes you realise how incredibly lucky you are to have such a perfect little human.

What activity did you bond with your baby over?

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