How to Pick the Perfect Name for your Baby

You’re pregnant! Congratulations. It is a very exciting time for you and your partner but it can also be a stressful one.

You will often hear people say ‘when I heard the name, I just knew it was meant to be’, this is not always the case. Honestly, most parents-to-be find it a struggle choosing the ‘right’ name. There is so much to consider that it can become confusing. Keep these tips in mind when picking a name for your baby.

What’s in a name?

Naming your baby is hard. How are you supposed to decide what to call your child without having met them? It is not as easy as you think but these ideas will help you pick the perfect baby name!


Names are chosen based on several factors and each family is different but consider the popularity of the name. If a lot of parents are naming their child ‘Sally’, it must be a good name, right? This may be true but do you want your child to be one of eight ‘Sally’s’ in their class at school? As a kid, there is nothing worse than being ‘Sally. B’ as a way to differentiate you from the others. If you love a particular name but the popularity has sky rocketed, consider using it as a middle name.

Does it flow

Chose a name that sounds well put together with their whole name and easy to understand. I was told many times to yell the name, say the name and repeat the name several times a day, every day for at least a month. This is supposed to show you whether you will still like it when you are constantly saying it to your toddler. If you struggled to say it over and over again or it didn’t sound right, go back to the drawing board.

Tease factor

Let’s be straight up about this this. Kids can be mean. If they see an easy target, they will take it, and unfortunately their name can be a contributing factor. When deciding on your child’s name consider what your brother or sister would have called you if it were your name. Siblings have no filters so this is a great place to start.

Can it be altered in any way to make it ‘tease worthy’? What would their nicknames be? Do the initials of their name spell something crass?


While it is great to make a name unique, your child has to write this every day of their life. Consider how they will learn to write, spell and sound out their name. Will they have to correct their teachers, doctors, bosses when they pronounce it wrong every time?

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So you love the name, now what about your partner? Both parties should have involvement when deciding on the perfect baby name. You may struggle to find one that you both agree on but this way everyone is happy.

Does it suit

You don’t know what your baby like when you name them. You are taking a gamble that it will suit their personality. A lot of new parents say that when their baby was born, the name just didn’t suit so they called them something entirely different. If you can, have a backup name ready to go just in case your original chosen name doesn’t seem fitting.

Your child will have this name forever so while the name is cute now and matches them as a baby / toddler; consider how the name will sound in adulthood. Unfortunately your name has a big impact on your job prospects so take this into account when choosing your baby’s name.


There are many reasons why a certain name is loved. The meaning is one of the most common. You may love the actual meaning of the name or it could be that it is sentimental and you want to continue a family tradition. Whatever the reason, it is worth checking the meaning, just in case!

There are many pitfalls to choosing the wrong name for your child but with these tips you will be armed with information and things to consider before taking on the amazing challenge of picking the perfect name for your baby.

Write your list and narrow it down until you have found the perfect name for your perfect little bundle of joy!

What tips would you add to this list?

Kell Kelly


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Kell Kelly

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