5 Things I miss about being Pregnant

What I really miss about being Pregnant...

Now that I have had my two children and my little family is complete, I’ve had some time to think about what I miss about being pregnant.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing that would ever make me ever contemplate having another baby (nothing!) but there are a few things about the pregnancy stage that I did quite like.

I’m reminded of that when I look around and see so many pregnant ladies. They are everywhere at the moment!

So here are the 5 things I miss about being Pregnant:

1. Resting

As much as I complained about the horrible pelvic pain and annoying lack of sleep from pregnancy discomfort at the time, I did enjoy grabbing the opportunity to sit and do nothing sometimes. When my husband gave me the chance to of course which luckily for me, was often!

Those days of putting my feet up and relaxing are long gone now that I have two small children. One is 2 years old and the other is 10 months old. There is no resting taking place in my house. None whatsoever.

I definitely made the most of it at the time though.

2. Quiet Nights

Something else that will not be making an appearance possibly ever again!

With a baby and a 2 year old, evenings are spent coaxing them to sleep and then making the most of the quiet time to just get ‘stuff’ done that couldn’t be accomplished in the day. Chores, blogging, catching up with friends, eating chocolate. You know, the important stuff.

In fact I just can’t imagine we will get much ‘quiet time’ ever again until the kids leave home. Just another 18 years to go then, not long!

You know what, I can’t remember a time when things were actually silent at all.

3. Compliments

Oh it was so lovely when I was pregnant to be told by family, friends and even strangers that I looked good, had the pregnancy glow, was blooming etc. They were probably lying – I think I looked like death – but took the compliments anyway.

These days, I don’t get many compliments on my dark circles too often. Funny that.

In fact, when the baby makes an appearance, often the mother feels a bit invisible and I definitely did sometimes – you really do hand the spotlight over to the baby after the birth. Quite rightly too of course.

4. Thicker Hair

I just loved that during both of my pregnancies, my hair became so much thicker and glossier. I believe it’s something hormonal that stops your hair shedding naturally like it normally does. Instead it stays on your head so you end up with much thicker hair that usual. Perfect!

After pregnancy, that changed and my hair came out in handfuls sometimes – that post-pregnancy hair loss is no joke! It happened both times post partum, at about the 4 month stage. Goodbye thick hair, forever!

5. The actual Bump

As much as I prefer my babies to be on the outside, I do sometimes miss my constant little internal friend being with me every second of the day.

Don’t get me wrong, my 2 kids are quite attached to me still now but feeling those little flutters and baby kicks are priceless, so special and something I will never forget.

I loved carrying my baby bump around with me wherever I went, rubbing my tummy and always having someone to talk to. I probably sound like a crazy person now.

Of course it is lovely to share the baby with the rest of the world after pregnancy but at the time when you’re pregnant, they are all yours and it feels so special.

I will always have treasured memories of carrying both of my babies and I feel very lucky and blessed to have had the opportunity to do so. Trust me though, no more!

Now it wasn’t all positive though and you can read more about what I didn’t enjoy about pregnancy here! In fact, I think that list is a little longer than this one...!

How about you, did you love or loathe pregnancy?

Did you miss anything about being pregnant once the baby arrived?

Or were you glad it was all over?

Mim Jenkinson


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Mim Jenkinson

Mim is a married mother of a 2 year old little girl and baby boy. An advocate of hypnobirthing, positive thinking and laughing at herself, she blogs about family life at lovefrommim.com. In November 2015 Mim was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and, after a successful lumpectomy, is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Her career spans creative and business writing, social media...

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