Boutique Cake Art

Boutique Cake Art

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No birthday is complete without a cake. After all, childhood memories are built on these sweetly frosted works of art. Even as grown ups we still reminisce over those popcorn filled train carriages and jelly swimming pool cakes our mothers (or sometimes even fathers) used to create. Women’s Weekly classics!

The moments we don’t remember (or choose to forget) are the stressful hours spent in the kitchen creating those masterpieces. The money spent, the bag after bag of ingredients you know you’ll never use again, and the many smarties being swept up off the floor months after the celebrations have come to a close. Not to mention how many tries it takes to actually get a cake to stand up if you don’t know what you’re doing. (Yes Piano Cake, I’m looking right at you!)

That’s where our services swan in and save the day. We put those hair pulling, late nights to bed (literally) and create an experience you’ll actually enjoy!

Birthday cake design has come a long way, tastes have matured and we have moved to more whimsical, classic styling for our celebrations. Drip cakes, naked cakes and beautifully frosted concoctions with delicate on trend decorations are huge at the moment. Every day I get to work with people celebrating the greatest moments in their lives by doing what I love: baking sweet things!

Raised in a country household where everything was made from scratch, my dream grew as fast as my skills did. With a qualification in Pastry and that sense of honest country cooking, all I needed to fulfil the dream was a cake haven to call home. This is where Boutique Cake Art began.

The location of this cake haven was an obvious choice. The village vibes of Yarraville, located in Melbourne’s Inner West is where Boutique Cake Art found its home. The sense of community was so similar to where I spent my childhood and it was heartwarming to be welcomed with such open arms.

Since opening in 2014 every day has been as different as every cake. Creating a new challenge with every design and pushing boundaries is where I’ve found my passion. Every day can be made a little sweeter for everyone, and we are neither too expensive, pretentious or too fancy for you to pop in and order.

We would love to make your day a little sweeter, so order one of our sample packs today! We include gluten-free options and are continually working on developing new styles, flavours and products to meet even the fussiest of sweet tooth's.

Book a consultation to come in store and we'll start talking all things cake! I look forward to meeting with you soon. x

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