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Fitnessworx is all about BEING ACTIVE and HAVING FUN. We offer an alternative to sport-specific activity. SPORT is not for everyone – but physical activity needs to be a regular part of a child’s daily routine, to provide the foundation for a long, healthy life.

Fitnessworx currently work with hundreds of schools every week to deliver unique health and physical activity programs that provide some real alternatives to traditional sport.

Programs can be easily integrated into your existing school curriculum and can be tailored to meet the desired outcomes of your school. Fitnessworx programs are external provider compliant and have been mapped against syllabus outcomes and indicators for each state we service.

Fitnessworx specialise in high energy, inclusive activities that are non-sport specific. Not all kids enjoy sport, but we all know the importance of encouraging kids to be active.

As well as working with hundreds of schools across Australia every week, Fitnessworx is engaged by a wide rage of Childrens’ Service Providers, such as:

▪ OSHC – outside school hours care providers, OOSH – out of school hours providers, BASC – before and after school care providers
▪ ASC – after school care providers
▪ Vacation Care Providers
▪ Holiday Program Providers
▪ Kindergartens
▪ Child Care Centres
▪ Youth Organisations

At Fitnessworx we understand that some kids are competitive and some are not, some love traditional sports whilst others ‘accidentally’ leave their sports uniforms at home! Some just like to hang with their friends. Others like to feel in control of their bodies and their minds. We incorporate ALL these motivations into our practices.

Our unique, fun and active Fitnessworx programs have been developed by a range of industry experts including exercise scientists, teachers, researchers and early years professionals.

Through engaging activities that are a little different to the norm we are able to focus on developing the broad range of fundamental movement skills that are relevant to a child’s age and level of physical development, and skills that are applicable to all sports!

Wherever you decide to hold your party, whether it be at home, in a park or in a hall, Partyworx will be there! Our party programs are absolutely perfect for 3-13 year old boys and girls – and there are so many great party themes to choose from – there’s something for everyone!

Our Partyworx hosts have loads of experience and a large repertoire of FUN activities. If none of our party themes catch your attention – just talk to us about your child’s likes and interests and we will tailor a party plan especially for them!

Parties generally run for 2 hours and can be held at any time of day. We will always break for drinks throughout the activities and will discuss with you the best time for serving your food/cake.

Partyworx by Fitnessworx are more than happy to run larger parties – prices on request. Partyworx can also run longer parties – prices on request.

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