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Liliana Makari - The boss mama of Baby Beats. Nope, it's not a team, no suits…just me! Wearer of many fine hats.

Baby Beats began in 2017 after I noticed a gap in the Australian market that provided a unique pregnancy keepsake.

I am very passionate about what I do and I’m proud to say all Baby Beats products are manufactured to my own designs and packaged here in Australia.

I make sure Baby Beats is always evolving, providing customers with the best online experience as well as product experience.

I love connecting on social media and I am constantly attached to my phone! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

You can also find me at industry events as I love to network, support my community, and get inspired by those around me.

I have only one regret, I wish I would have started this sooner.

Tags: Gifts, Keepsakes and Hampers


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