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  1. The Little Red Compass forums are not only a great place for Members to interact with one another to share ideas, suggestions and experiences but also a place to connect and engage with the people behind the businesses, the Advertisers. To help in maintaining the integrity of our community, please read our Forum Guidelines before posting. 1. Be courteous and respectful of other members and advertisers We understand that not everyone will have the same views and whilst we encourage lively discussions and debate, we should respect the opinions and views of others. 2. Do not mislead (by providing false information or stories), attack, abuse, criticise, harass, bully, annoy, hurt or offend other Members or businesses Please do not cause any unnecessary conflict and create divisions within our community. We acknowledge that some posts may be easily misinterpreted and cause some misunderstanding. In many cases, that misunderstanding can be simply clarified or avoided by contacting the Member or Advertiser directly via email or Private Message (PM). Do not target other Members and Advertisers by posting controversial subjects or material with the intent of offending them. Any posts deemed to be of the nature outlined above will be immediately removed. Memberships will be terminated for repeat offenders and their IP address banned from the Little Red Compass domain. 3. Do not make insulting, defamatory, prejudicial or offensive posts We will immediately remove posts that are racist, homophobic or bigotry in nature. Please report any such posts to Little Red Compass and they will be immediately deleted. Repeat offenders will have their membership terminated and their IP address banned from the Little Red Compass domain. 4. No foul and offensive language Little Red Compass is a family orientated website, so please keep your language clean. 5. Keep it clean Please be mindful of posting content with adult themes. Do not post links to any adult websites or any other websites that may contain material that is illegal or prohibited by law. Anyone found posting sexually explicit content and images will be immediately removed as a Member and their IP address banned from the Little Red Compass domain. 6. The Little Red Compass forums are not a place for public disputes The Little Red Compass forums provide a platform for everyone to share ideas and experiences and should not be used to air disputes or arguments between Members and/or Advertisers. We closely monitor all posts and any such content will be either edited or deleted. 7. Don’t start threads or posts for the purpose of advertising or promotion We encourage Registered Advertisers to participate in the forums to share your expertise but not for the purpose of advertising your business. Please also be mindful that the Members are not in the forums to be bombarded with advertising and promotion materials. To protect the interest of paying Advertisers, posts containing links to businesses or websites with commercial intents (e.g. a business blog) without the approval of Little Red Compass are strictly prohibited. However, links to government and non-profit organisations sites are allowed. 8. Sharing of personal information Do not disclose your personal information or anyone else’s personal information, such as home address or phone numbers on the Little Red Compass forums. If you wish to share your personal information with others, you should do so outside of these forums. 9. Views expressed by Members and Advertisers Views expressed by Members and Advertisers on these forums are that of the individuals only and do not, in any way reflect or represent the views of Little Red Compass. 10. The decisions of the Moderators and Administrators The decisions of the moderators and administrators are final. There will be no debating, arguing or complaining the decisions made by Little Red Compass on the forums. 11. Deletion of Membership If you have decided to terminate your membership, all posts made by you will remain on the forums unless you request that they be removed. If we in our absolute discretion determine that you have committed a breach of these Forum Guidelines, we may immediately and without further notice to you, suspend your use of the site, including but not limited to, blocking the IP address from which you accessed the Little Red Compass domain. 12. Forum management Little Red Compass will not generally delete legitimate posts submitted by Members or Advertisers. However, we may close posts that have ended, move threads to more relevant areas or delete posts deemed in breach of these guidelines. We may also edit the title of threads or posts to make topics more evident and easily identified. 13. Changes to the Forum Guidelines We may modify the Forum Guidelines at any time and without separate notice to you. Your continued participation in the forums indicates your agreement to those changes. 14. Breaches of the Forum Guidelines Your membership will be terminated and your IP address banned from accessing the Little Red Compass’ site if you breach any of the Forum Guidelines so please post carefully. Any offending post or link will either be edited or removed. If you find any posts that are offensive or constitute violation of these guidelines, please contact us. 15. Posting tips Use subject titles that are clear, descriptive and easy to understand. If you’re asking a question, ensure you provide enough background and detail to get a meaningful answer. If your thread starts to shift to another topic, consider creating a thread on that new topic. Place messages in just one forum section – don’t cross-post or duplicate them to multiple discussions. Always review your posts before posting. For clarity, please format long posts using paragraphs, numbers and bullets if needed. Refrain from discussing politics, religion, race, legal and medical advice as these are sensitive subjects, which will often lead to unproductive discussions and are likely to be deleted. Thanks for joining us! We look forward to seeing you participate in the discussions and have fun!