Bears in Boxes

Bears in Boxes

Service Australia Wide
PO Box 7182
Mount Annan NSW 2567

Have you ever loved something so much you wished you could do it all day, every day?

Bears in Boxes resident Bear Mumma and self confessed Teddy tragic is a massive lover of all things teddy bear. It was from this love of Teddy Bears that Bears in Boxes was born.

Sharon Veness aka Bear Mumma started Bears in Boxes in 2007 in Mount Annan, Sydney. With a personal collection in excess of 237 bears, Sharon wanted the opportunity to share her love of quality, unique and personalised teddy bears with as many people as possible

Bear Mumma Sharon sends all her little personalised bear bubbas off to their new homes Australia Wide with a loving kiss and wishes them well on their journey and into their new homes.

Bear Mumma and the Bears in Boxes team are passionate about being positive, personalised and perfect, where only the best will do.

Bears in Boxes ensure each Teddy Bear is sent with a personal and special message to all that receive them.

Our wish is that you love our teddies as much as we do.

Xxx Bear Mumma Sharon and the Bears in Boxes Team xxX

Tags: Gifts, Keepsakes and Hampers


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